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you can love BOTH Oprah AND her money
If you want to see something disturbing, tune into one of Oprah's "favorite things" episodes. Usually she does this around Christmas time and it's where she shares her favorite luxury items for the season and everyone in the audience gets one of all the items she shows. The first time she did this it was sensational because no one had ever really done that before. And now if you'll notice, other shows have followed suit - they give away books, CD's, etc. But nobody gives away like the self proclaimed generous Ms. Winfrey - and now it's a tradition.

Well, today she's doing her favorite things for summer. When she announced this to her studio audience they went insane. It's pretty much incomparable in our culture today. These women (and a couple of men) screamed, danced, cried, fainted, jumped up and down and probably acted more excited than they do about anything else in their lives. And for what? For some free candles or stationary or maybe an ipod that Oprah thinks is neat...this season.

I could do a rant about materialism in our culture now, but I think this speaks for itself. I wish I could post a clip of it on here.

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Materialism sucks. Let's get spiritual, baby.

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